What We Believe

These are statements made by people who have volunteered with RMMRA over the years. They reflect how people from different backgrounds relate to these issues, how they have impacted by them, and how we might go about changing them.

"I believe men's specific health issues need to be addressed more preemptively and the healthcare they receive more specific to the male context."


"I believe that sexism is real, and that it hurts everyone. I believe that, in our rush to give the push to girls in their struggle to become empowered women, we have abandoned our boys. I believe that someone should only be treated as criminal once they have committed a crime. I believe that everyone deserves to be considered exclusively on their own merits. I believe that sexism, like many forms of hate, is cyclical and self justifying. I believe that the fight against sexism cannot be us vs. men or us vs. women it can only be won as us vs. sexism."


"I believe abused boys and men are an underserved group and inappropriately handled."

"I believe men need more choices when it comes to choosing fatherhood or not."

I believe men and fathers are an integral part of a child's developmental process."

"I believe the decreasing presence of boys and men in education is an alarming predicament."

"I believe men deserve the right to vote and certain privileges that are traditionally withheld until signing up for the U.S. Selective Services."


"I believe that Mass Incarceration is a Men's Issue. That The War on Drugs is a War on Men. That Prison Labor Camps are legalized slavery. That Men are the Primary Victims of War.

I believe that court-ordered Alimony and Child Support are Violations of Bodily Autonomy. That Genital Cutting is Violence and Child Abuse, and a uniquely Male Issue in the First World.

I believe that Men still do not have a right to vote, but rather a ghastly obligation to serve and die for the state that OBJECTIFIES and utilitizes them."


"I believe that Patriarchy Theory is only half the story."


"I believe:

  • Men and masculinity are inherently good and necessary.
  • Boys are being indoctrinated to believe that masculinity is a problem to be corrected and reprogrammed away.
  • Boys are being taught that, as males, they are solely responsible for all that is wrong with the world.
  • It is wrong and harmful to demonize normal boys' behavior and to shame them for natural tendencies.
  • Throughout history most men have filled the role of benevolent protector and provider, not selfish patriarchal oppressor.
  • Humanity's progress and technological advances that have improved quality of life are due largely to the efforts of brilliant men who worked to make the world a better place for others.
  • Privilege theory prevents men from getting help when they need it.
  • Men and boys need our love, understanding and support.
  • Men and boys deserve a voice to express themselves earnestly and authentically.
  • We unfairly invalidate the lived experience of men and boys when we dismiss their sincere thoughts and feelings as "male privilege."
  • Doing so takes a serious toll on the mental health of men and boys who often conclude that they are broken and flawed, and a plague on the world.
  • Patriarchy and privilege theory tell only one side of the story. Men's rights is necessary to tell the other."