About our Team

Rocky Mountain MRA is a community of men and women spanning Colorado and the greater Rocky Mountain Area.


Aaron Mello

president and Founder

Aaron Mello is a Master Nutrition Therapist and founder of Mood Food Clinic, a nutrition practice focused on men's mental health. Aaron’s interest in men’s rights stems from his discovery that misandry (the hatred of men) played a causative role in his bipolar depression. Over time he learned that in order to truly recover from his illness he had to unlearn self-loathing beliefs about men’s supposedly oppressive nature. He now believes that men and masculinity are inherently good and necessary. Aaron also enjoys camping, hiking and backpacking in the Rocky Mountains as well as good music, good food and good tequila.


Bryan Day

vice president and co-founder

Bryan is a Denver musician. His interest in the men's rights movement stems from experiences as a US Marine and as a former prison inmate. His focus in the movement generally stems from a desire to reform the criminal justice system, although he believes that generally speaking, men's issues are interrelated and, if solved, can also have a preventative effect on incarceration.

Obstacles he encountered overcoming depression and mental illness revealed to him that societal indifference and antagonism to men's pain are a real phenomenon and that they played a significant role in his downward spiral for over 2 decades.

Although Bryan helped to shape the group in its first year, his activism primarily takes the form of art, private discussion, and by supporting individuals who are in need of advice and encouragement.