Rocky Mountain MRA article in 303 Magazine!

We are really excited to announce that 303 Magazine published a story about our group recently. If you've been involved in or aware of the Men's Rights Movement (MRM) for awhile, you probably know how difficult it can be to get our ideas represented fairly by the media. In fact, all too often reporting on the MRM is more like a hit piece than factual reporting.

That's why we are so excited to have this article published. It generally paints a pretty accurate picture of what Rocky Mountain MRA (RMMRA) is about. You can check it out for yourself here. In this post I'll give a few of my thoughts about what the article gets right and what I think could be changed. Let's start with the things I like about it.

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Loving Men at Denver PrideFest: From Indiana to Colorado

‘We Love Men’. I stood in front of a beautifully made sign that said just that for much of my time at the Denver PrideFest, and handed out ‘I Love Men’ buttons to passersby.  Such a phrase might not be out of place for a man to say at an event like PrideFest, which has its roots as a celebration of gay culture. I may not be gay, but as a Men’s Rights Advocate (MRA), I do care deeply about love for men.

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