Video: Can Men Act as Freely as Women?

Gerard Nicol shares his experience of his son being taken by a stranger and explains how he, as a male had to respond to the experience. He also explains how he was judged for his response and now that demonstrates a lack of empathy for the way men have to protect themselves from potential accusations from women, even when they are the victim of a wrong.


Loving Men at Denver PrideFest: From Indiana to Colorado

‘We Love Men’. I stood in front of a beautifully made sign that said just that for much of my time at the Denver PrideFest, and handed out ‘I Love Men’ buttons to passersby.  Such a phrase might not be out of place for a man to say at an event like PrideFest, which has its roots as a celebration of gay culture. I may not be gay, but as a Men’s Rights Advocate (MRA), I do care deeply about love for men.

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