Win For Colorado Dads

Art Director Michael Combs of Cash&Prizes and Nationally Recognized Musician & Advocate Philly Slimm have succeeded in their argument before the Child Support Commission, which as a result has decided to reduce the child support cap from 40% to 20% in Colorado for the coming legislation session. It is a tremendous step in the right direction and will reduce one the many incentives that reinforce the fatherlessness epidemic today.

Why It’s a Big Deal

As many readers may know, fatherlessness negatively impacts child outcomes, increasing crime, drug addiction, and incarceration, among other societal problems. Because of these facts, reducing fatherlessness is integral to solving problems such as those outlined in The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and The Boy Crisis by Warren Farrell. Fatherlessness and its cascading effects are an important men's rights and fathers rights issue because it affects everyone.

Michael Combs & Philly Slimm Discuss Child Support Commission Success on Philly’s Live FB Stream (Re-Uploaded)

Studies have shown that when Child support drops below 19% of a father’s income, shared parenting arrangements increase significantly since the financial incentives for denying shared custody drop. All the latest social science has shown that equal shared parenting arrangements are at almost parity with intact families for child outcomes.


Learn more about Michael Combs and his Cash&Prizes project on its YouTube Channel


Personal Thoughts

Detractors of mine have claimed that my interest in the men's rights movement is in bad faith, as this website (and RMMRA as a whole) do not have a particular focus on inmates, which is the main reason I became interested in the MRM.

For some background, it is my belief that had I encountered the MRM and its arguments and issues in 2007, before my infamous crimes, I would never have had my psychotic break. This would have spared not only my arson victims, who were fortunately not injured although seriously affected, but society, from the price my actions. When you consider the cost of incarcerating me and supervising me over the last decade, it probably exceeds hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Family court and other MRM issues are inextricably linked with the prison crisis in the US, as well as its sister crisis, the practice of slavery in the prison system. It is without question that slavery in the 21st century can only be due to an extreme empathy gap for the enslaved, and it's not a matter of contention who those enslaved are. There is no question about that. And as a former slave, I do not take MRM issues as a whole, or their seriousness, lightly.

Regardless, I've been working behind the scenes with Michael, assisting him in whatever capacity I can, whether it be hauling gear, helping him with photography, a music loop for a video, stylistic input, help with script-writing or what-have you, because he is making progress for future generations, and his mission is admirable.

I am very proud of what he has achieved and am glad to have played a tiny role in his success so far.