Planning Paternity: Falling Through the Cracks

This is the second post in a three part series I'm writing on men's lack of paternity options. As I clarified in Part 1, Planning Paternity: Restricted Birth Control Choices for Men, males are drastically limited to the choices they can make to prevent parenthood. Some of their best choices outside of abstinence and sterilization still leave them vulnerable to accidental pregnancies. Despite their reasonable attempts to prevent a pregnancy, they can find themselves stuck with a legally enforceable financial obligation for the child and occasionally the mother.

Men in these cases may still not receive sympathy. Because they consented to intercourse, our legal system holds them responsible for the outcome. This is a clear lack of rights when compared to a woman’s rights. Women can completely sever the choices between sex and motherhood but men’s choice about fatherhood is made when they choose to have sex. However, this issue becomes even worse for the men who fall through the cracks. 

What happens to the men who father a child without consenting to sex or having sexual intercourse at all? In this post I'll explore cases of stolen sperm, forced envelopment, statutory rape, and paternity fraud. I’ll even throw in an added bonus about sperm donors.

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Video: Can Men Act as Freely as Women?

Gerard Nicol shares his experience of his son being taken by a stranger and explains how he, as a male had to respond to the experience. He also explains how he was judged for his response and now that demonstrates a lack of empathy for the way men have to protect themselves from potential accusations from women, even when they are the victim of a wrong.


Planning Paternity: Restricted Birth Control Choices for Men

Life without birth control is almost unimaginable for most in the united states. In fact, birth control has altered American culture and how we interact in heterosexual relationships. In the past, heterosexual couples might save sex for after marriage or once they’ve agreed to stay together long enough to raise a child. Today consensual sex between men and women can come without a major concern for pregnancy and long term commitment. However, even though we have many more freedoms, there are still cracks in the system that leave men vulnerable to unwanted guardianship and forced financial responsibilities. 

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Rocky Mountain MRA article in 303 Magazine!

We are really excited to announce that 303 Magazine published a story about our group recently. If you've been involved in or aware of the Men's Rights Movement (MRM) for awhile, you probably know how difficult it can be to get our ideas represented fairly by the media. In fact, all too often reporting on the MRM is more like a hit piece than factual reporting.

That's why we are so excited to have this article published. It generally paints a pretty accurate picture of what Rocky Mountain MRA (RMMRA) is about. You can check it out for yourself here. In this post I'll give a few of my thoughts about what the article gets right and what I think could be changed. Let's start with the things I like about it.

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A Brief History of the Men’s Rights Movement As Told by a Feminist

The men’s rights movement (MRM) is seen as a relatively recent phenomenon borne out of charismatic youtube personalities and lively message boards. Though technologically savvy, this movement has deep ideological roots. In fact, it can be argued that the MRM and feminism were born in the same generation. While proto-feminists fought for the vote in the 1910s, men started dodging the draft as early as 1898 during the Spanish-American War (1). On a fundamental level, each side fought for their political rights. While women opted in, men opted out. 

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Loving Men at Denver PrideFest: From Indiana to Colorado

‘We Love Men’. I stood in front of a beautifully made sign that said just that for much of my time at the Denver PrideFest, and handed out ‘I Love Men’ buttons to passersby.  Such a phrase might not be out of place for a man to say at an event like PrideFest, which has its roots as a celebration of gay culture. I may not be gay, but as a Men’s Rights Advocate (MRA), I do care deeply about love for men.

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Men’s Conditional Privileges

The U.S. government provides many forms of assistance to citizens and provides many jobs to citizens as well. These are privileges for legally abiding citizens of the United States but for men, they must earn their access to certain privileges. Specific federal and state programs, assistance, and jobs are only available to men once they’ve registered for the Selective Services sometime between 18 to 26 years old.

Many men don’t realize but it is legally required for boys to register with the Selective Services within 30 days of turning 18. In practice, there seems to be somewhat of a grace period until a man turns 26 years old. At 26, a man’s registration status is final. For those who fail to register, some of the repercussions can follow him for life.

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