Rocky Mountain Men's Rights Advocacy


Raising awareness about issues affecting men today

Our Story

Rocky Mountain MRA began in 2016 when a group of Denver locals hosted a sold-out screening of Cassie Jaye's Award-Winning Documentary, The Red Pill in Denver, Colorado.

RMMRA is comprised of both men and women who have been inspired by the efforts of luminary Men's Rights Advocates including Erin Pizzey, Warren Farrell, Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman, and many more.


“By respecting the human rights of men and boys we enable them to love themselves and be healthy and happy sons, fathers, husbands, and grandfathers.”

— RMMRA member


Our Mission

We work to increase awareness about the issues faced by men and boys today. We wish to bring dignity to men, to masculinity, to fathers and sons, and to restore health and happiness to their relationships.

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Our Beliefs

"...that sexism is real, and that it hurts everyone...that, in our rush to give the push to girls in their struggle to become empowered women, we have abandoned our boys."

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Men's Rights are Human Rights...

...and the issues are as serious as they come



of American homeless are men.


of single fathers in the US do not share child custody.


of American prisoners are men.


must register for the US Selective Service or risk serious consequences.

"Mass incarceration is a men's issue. The war on drugs is a war on men. It is effectively legal to enslave men."

— Bryan Day, co-founder


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